Multi-proxy records of Two-Yurts Lake, supplement to: Hoff, Ulrike; Biskaborn, Boris K; Dirksen, Veronika G; Dirksen, Oleg V; Kuhn, Gerhard; Meyer, Hanno; Nazarova, Larisa B; Roth, Alexandra; Diekmann, Bernhard (2015): Holocene environment of Central Kamchatka, Russia: Implications from a multi-proxy record of Two-Yurts Lake. Global and Planetary Change, 134, 101-117

Ulrike Hoff, Boris K Biskaborn, Veronika G Dirksen, Oleg V Dirksen, Gerhard Kuhn, Hanno Meyer, Larisa B Nazarova, Alexandra Roth & Bernhard Diekmann
Within the scope of Russian-German palaeoenvironmental research, Two-Yurts Lake (TYL, Dvuh-Yurtochnoe in Russian) was chosen as the main scientific target area to decipher Holocene climate variability on Kamchatka. The 5x2 km large and 26 m deep lake is of proglacial origin and situated on the eastern flank of Sredinny Ridge at the northwestern end of the Central Kamchatka Valley, outside the direct influence of active volcanism. Here, we present results of a multi-proxy study on...
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