(Table 1) Porosity measurements, median pore diameter of pore sizes and volume fractions of bulk sediment from different Holes of IODP site 333, supplement to: Daigle, Hugh (2014): Microporosity development in shallow marine sediments from the Nankai Trough. Marine Geology, 357, 293-303

Hugh Daigle
Microporosity by performing low pressure nitrogen adsorption measurements on 13 shallow marine mudstone samples from the Nankai Trough offshore Japan. The samples were from two reference Sites on the incoming Philippine Sea Plate, and one Site above the accretionary prism. I determined pore size distributions using the Barrett–Joyner–Hallenda (BJH) model, and merged these with existing mercury injection capillary pressure (MICP) measurements to construct a full distribution covering micro- to macropores. I found that overall pore...
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