Stable carbon and oxygen isotope record of IODP Site 306-U1313, MIS 23-19, supplement to: Ferretti, Patrizia; Crowhurst, Simon J; Naafs, Bernhard David A; Barbante, Carlo (2015): The Marine Isotope Stage 19 in the mid-latitude North Atlantic Ocean: astronomical signature and intra-interglacial variability. Quaternary Science Reviews, 108, 95-110

Patrizia Ferretti, Simon J Crowhurst, Bernhard David A Naafs & Carlo Barbante
Since the seminal work by Hays et al. (1976), a plethora of studies has demonstrated a correlation between orbital variations and climatic change. However, information on how changes in orbital boundary conditions affected the frequency and amplitude of millennial-scale climate variability is still fragmentary. The Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 19, an interglacial centred at around 785 ka, provides an opportunity to pursue this question and test the hypothesis that the long-term processes set up the...
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