(Table S3) Oxygen and carbon isotope ratios of the epifaunal benthic foraminifera Cibicidoides mundulus of IODP Site 321-U1338

Anna Joy Drury, Cédric M John & Amelia E Shevenell
DEPTH, sediment/rock = CCSF-A, from Wilkens et al., 2013.AGE = using Hodell and Venz-Curtis, 2006 and Hodell et al., 2001 age models.d13C and d18O non-equilibruim in per mil, values are reported against VPDB, but not corrected to equilibrium.The associated sample variability (1Sigma) based on repeat analyses of the same sample is 0.08 per mil for d13C and 0.07 per mil for d18O for samples run at ICL (italic 1), and is 0.02 per mil for...
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