Geochemistry of black shales from Breitbach Creek, supplement to: Wortmann, Ulrich G; Hesse, Reinhard; Zacher, Katharina (1999): Major-element analysis of cyclic black shales: Paleoceanographic implications for the Early Cretaceous deep western tethys. Paleoceanography, 14(4), 525-541

Ulrich G Wortmann, Reinhard Hesse & Katharina Zacher
Lower Cretaceous sediments are frequently characterized by a well expressed cyclicity. While the processes influencing environments above the carbonate compensation depth (CCD) are reasonably well understood, almost nothing is known about the deep ocean. Cretaceous sub-CCD sediments from the Tethys and Atlantic Oceans typically show rhythmic black/green shale successions. To gain insight into the nature of these black/green shale cycles, we performed detailed geochemical analyses (X-ray fluorescence, Rock-Eval and reactive iron analysis) on a 3...
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