Mineral content, major oxides and trace elements concentrations in clay from different IODP Holes of 331-C0013, 331-C0017, East China sea shelf and different Taiwan rivers, supplement to: Shao, Hebin; Yang, Shouye; Wang, Quan; Guo, Yulong (2015): Discriminating hydrothermal and terrigenous clays in the Okinawa Trough, East China Sea: Evidences from mineralogy and geochemistry. Chemical Geology, 398, 85-96

Hebin Shao, Shouye Yang, Quan Wang & Yulong Guo
The Okinawa Trough (OT) in the East Asian continental margin is characterized by thick terrigenous sediment and ubiquitous volcanic-hydrothermal activities. In this study, the clays collected during IODP Expedition 331 to the middle OT (Iheya North Knoll) were analyzed for mineralogical and geochemical compositions. By comparing with the clays from the East China Sea shelf and surrounding rivers, we examine different clay origins. The hydrothermal field in the mid-OT is dominated by Mg-rich chlorite, while...
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