(Table 1) Amount of calcium carbonate precipitation researched in IODP Hole 329-U1368C, supplement to: Sauvage, Justine; Spivack, Arthur J; Murray, Richard W; d'Hondt, Steven L (2014): Determination of in situ dissolved inorganic carbon concentration and alkalinity for marine sedimentary porewater. Chemical Geology, 387, 66-73

Justine Sauvage, Arthur J Spivack, Richard W Murray & Steven L d'Hondt
Dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) concentration and total alkalinity in marine sediment vary with biological activity, mineral diagenesis and past bottom ocean water composition. Reliable interpretation of this data is often compromised due to precipitation of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) during sediment recovery, processing and sample storage. Here we present and test a method that corrects for this precipitation and consequently allows quantification of in situ carbonate system chemistry. Our method relies on the over-determination of the...
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