Concentrations of rare earth elements in pore waters of IODP Holes 323-U1345A and 323-U1345B, supplement to: Soyol-Erdene, Tseren-Ochir; Huh, Youngsook (2013): Rare earth element cycling in the pore waters of the Bering Sea Slope (IODP Exp. 323). Chemical Geology, 358, 75-89

Tseren-Ochir Soyol-Erdene & Youngsook Huh
We studied the diagenetic behavior of rare earth elements (REEs) in a highly productive passive margin setting of the Bering Sea Slope. Site U1345 was drilled during the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Expedition 323 at a water depth of 1008 m currently in the center of an oxygen minimum zone. Pore water concentrations of fourteen REEs were determined down to ~ 140 meters below the seafloor (mbsf). The REE concentrations were higher in the pore...
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