Radionuclides, Nd isotopes and biogenic Opal in Atlanic Ocean sediments, supplement to: Lippold, Jörg; Gutjahr, Marcus; Blaser, Patrick; Christner, Emanuel; de Carvalho, Maria Luiza; Mulitza, Stefan; Christl, Marcus; Wombacher, Frank; Böhm, Evelyn; Antz, Benny; Cartapanis, Olivier; Vogel, Hendrik; Jaccard, Samuel L (2016): Deep water provenance and dynamics of the (de)glacial Atlantic meridional overturning circulation. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 445, 68-78

Jörg Lippold, Marcus Gutjahr, Patrick Blaser, Javier E Escartin Guiral, Maria Luiza de Carvalho, Stefan Mulitza, Marcus Christl, Frank Wombacher, Evelyn Böhm, Benny Antz, Olivier Cartapanis, Hendrik Vogel & Samuel L Jaccard
Reconstructing past modes of ocean circulation is an essential task in paleoclimatology and paleoceanography. To this end, we combine two sedimentary proxies, Nd isotopes (epsilon-Nd) and the 231Pa/230Th ratio, both of which are not directly involved in the global carbon cycle, but allow the reconstruction of water mass provenance and provide information about the past strength of overturning circulation, respectively. In this study, combined 231Pa/230Th and epsilon-Nd down-core profiles from six Atlantic Ocean sediment cores...
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