Planktonic foraminifera abundances and isotopes of Late Quaternary sediments off New Zealand, supplement to: Weaver, Philip PE; Carter, Lionel; Neil, Helen L (1998): Response of surface water masses and circulation to Late Quaternary climate change east of New Zealand. Paleoceanography, 13(1), 70-83

Philip PE Weaver, Lionel Carter & Helen L Neil
A series of cores from east of New Zealand have been examined to determine the paleoceanographic history of the late Quaternary in the SW Pacific using planktonic foraminiferal data. Distinct shifts of species can be seen between glacial and interglacial times especially south of Chatham Rise east of South Island. Foraminiferal fragmentation ratios and benthic/planktonic foraminiferal ratios both show increased dissolution during glacials, especially isotope stage 2 to the south of Chatham Rise. The present-day...
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