Counts of seabirds, marine mammals and other megafauna along four latitudinal transects across the Atlantic Ocean, supplement to: Jungblut, Simon; Nachtsheim, Dominik A; Boos, Karin; Joiris, Claude R (2017): Biogeography of top predators - seabirds and cetaceans - along four latitudinal transects in the Atlantic Ocean. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography, 141, 59-73

Simon Jungblut, Dominik A Nachtsheim, Karin Boos & Claude R Joiris
The distribution, abundance, and species assemblage of top predators - seabirds and cetaceans - can be correlated to water masses as defined by hydrological parameters. Compared to other oceans, information about the structuring effects of water masses on top predators in the Atlantic Ocean is limited. The present study aims 1) to provide baseline distributional data of top predators for future comparisons, for instance in the course of climate change, and 2) to test how...
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