Analysis of manganese nodules from Lake Baikal, supplement to: Bukharov, A A; Murashko, D N; Fialkov, V A (1993): Ferromanganese nodules on the underwater slopes of the Uskahan Islands, Lake Baykal. International Geology Review, 35(1), 89-100

A A Bukharov, D N Murashko & V A Fialkov
Although ferromanganese crusts from shallow depths in Lake Baykal have been described previously, the presence of nodules at depths of about 500 m are a new discovery made possible by exploration using manned submersibles. The nodules are comparable to oceanic nodules in composition, but have some significant differences, including a more rapid rate of growth. Sedimentary-diagenetic processes are mainly responsible for their formation, but there is reason to believe hydrothermal fluids play some role.
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