(Table 1) Visual core description and grain size analysis from different Holes of IODP Site 339, supplement to: Nishida, Naohisa (2016): Microstructure of muddy contourites from the Gulf of Cádiz. Marine Geology, 377, 110-117

Naohisa Nishida
In deep-sea sediments, contourites deposited from bottom currents mainly along slopes are associated with hemipelagites, pelagites, and sediment gravity-flow deposits. The major sedimentary facies of contourites are characterized by bioturbation and mottling and bigradational grading. However, it is difficult to discriminate muddy contourites from hemipelagites by using only these features of the lithofacies, particularly in core samples. Therefore, the present study focused on microstructure as an additional potentially diagnostic characteristic for identifying muddy contourites. Microstructures...
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