(Table 3) Radiocarbon ages from different Holes of IODP Exp339, supplement to: Takashimizu, Yasuhiro; Kawamura, R; Rodríguez-Tovar, Francisco J; Dorador, Javier; Ducassou, Emmanuelle; Hernandéz-Molina, Francisco Javier; Stow, Dorrik A V; Alvarez-Zarikian, C A (2016): Reworked tsunami deposits by bottom currents: Circumstantial evidences from Late Pleistocene to Early Holocene in the Gulf of Cádiz. Marine Geology, 377, 95-109

Yasuhiro Takashimizu, R Kawamura, Francisco J Rodríguez-Tovar, Javier Dorador, Emmanuelle Ducassou, Francisco Javier Hernandéz-Molina, Dorrik A V Stow & C A Alvarez-Zarikian
Younger Sand layers (YSLs) have been identified in drill cores of a Late Glacial to Early Holocene muddy contourite succession from the Gulf of Cádiz. In this study, we evaluate the grain size characteristics of the YSL, which display bi-gradational grading, with inverse grading (from silt to fine- or medium-grained sand) followed by normal grading (from fine- or medium-grained sand to silt). Radiocarbon dating shows that the YSL formed at three distinct times: 1) the...
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