(Table 2, page 313) Chemical composition of radiometrically dated Pacific Ocean manganese nodules, supplement to: Krishnaswami, Seth; Lal, Devendra (1972): Manganese nodules and budget of trace solubles in oceans. In: Dyrssen, D., Jagner, D. (Eds.), Proc. 20th Nobel Symp.: \"The Changing Chemistry of the Oceans.\" Presented at the Nobel Symposium, Interscience, Göteborg, Sweden. http://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/2681485, 307-320

Seth Krishnaswami & Devendra Lal
This paper, explores the possibility of using manganese nodules for studying the rates of authigenic removal of trace elements to the ocean floor, i.e. considering only trace elements in hydrogenous phases (Goldberg, 1964) in sediments. It follows the then recent detailed investigations of physiochcmical properties of manganese nodules made by others. In view of the various arguments the developed regarding a slow and possibly entirely authigcnic growth of manganese nodules, the authors were led to...
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