Foraminiferal stable isotopes and physical properties from North Atlantic sediment cores for the past 3.2 million years, supplement to: Hodell, David A; Channell, James E T (2016): Mode transitions in Northern Hemisphere glaciation: co-evolution of millennial and orbital variability in Quaternary climate. Climate of the Past, 12(9), 1805-1828

David A Hodell & James E T Channell
We present a 3.2 Myr record of stable isotopes and physical properties at IODP Site U1308 (reoccupation of DSDP Site 609) located within the ice-rafted detritus (IRD) belt of the North Atlantic. We compare the isotope and lithological proxies at Site U1308 with other North Atlantic records (e.g., sites 982, 607/U1313, and U1304) to reconstruct the history of orbital and millennial-scale climate variability during the Quaternary. The Site U1308 record documents a progressive increase in...
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