Planktonic foraminifera, stable isotopes and Mg/Ca ratio from Cabo Frio (Brazil) sediment cores CF10-01B and CF10-09A, supplement to: Lessa, Douglas Villela de Oliveira; Venancio, Igor Martins; Santos, Thiago Pereira dos; Belem, Andre L; Turcq, Bruno Jean; Sifeddine, Abdelfettah; Albuquerque, Ana Luiza Spadano (2016): Holocene oscillations of Southwest Atlantic shelf circulation based on planktonic foraminifera from an upwelling system (off Cabo Frio, Southeastern Brazil). The Holocene, 26(8), 1175-1187

Douglas Villela de Oliveira Lessa, Igor Martins Venancio, Thiago Pereira dos Santos, Andre L Belem, Bruno Jean Turcq, Abdelfettah Sifeddine & Ana Luiza Spadano Albuquerque
The Brazil Current (BC) is a relevant feature in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC). Its behavior during slowdown or intense AMOC remains poorly known because of the lack of paleoceanographic records, especially for the Holocene. Here, we investigate changes in a western boundary upwelling system (Cabo Frio, off Southeastern Brazil) which are driven by variations in the BC and NE winds during the last 9 kyr. To assess the variability of the BC, we...
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