Latest Cretaceous/Paleocene deep-sea ostracode fauna at IODP Site 342-U1407, supplement to: Yamaguchi, Tatsuhiko; Bornemann, André; Matsui, Hiroki; Nishi, Hiroshi (in review): Latest Cretaceous/Paleocene deep-sea ostracode fauna at IODP Site U1407 (western North Atlantic) and their response to environmental changes at the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary and the Latest Danian Event. Marine Micropaleontology

Tatsuhiko Yamaguchi, André Bornemann, Hiroki Matsui & Hiroshi Nishi
During the Paleocene, the plankton community recovered its diversity after a severe diversity loss at the Cretaceous/Paleogene (K/Pg) boundary. In general, changes in Paleocene deep-sea ostracode fauna are poorly understood. It is still unclear how deep-sea ostracode fauna changed during compelling events such as the K/Pg boundary (66.04 Ma) and the Latest Danian Event (LDE: ~62.18 Ma), a transient Paleocene warming event. In this report, we describe a study on the latest Cretaceous-late Paleocene ostracodes...
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