Analysis of Mn-deposits from the Alps, supplement to: Krainer, Karl; Mostler, Helfried; Haditsch, Johann G (1994): Jurassische Bekkenbildung in den Nördlichen Kalkalpen bei Lofer (Salzburg) unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Manganerz-Genese = Manganese deposit genesis in the Jurrasic formations of the Northern Kalkalpen near Lofer (Salzburg). Abhandlungen der Geologischen Bundesanstalt, 50, 257-293

Karl Krainer, Helfried Mostler & Johann G Haditsch
Near Weissbach - Diessbach southeast of Lofer (Salzburg, Austria), at the western rim of the Steinernes Meer (Northern Calcareous Alps), the sedimentary sequence of a local Jurassic strike slip basin (pull apart basin) is exposed. This basin formed during the Hettangian (Lias) along E-W directed sinistral strike slip faults showing the structure of a halfgraben with a complex basin fill and asymmetric facies distribution. Along the scarp faults, some of which are still well exposed,...
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