Analysis of ferromanganese deposits from Mallorca, Spain, supplement to: Prescott, D M (1988): The geochemistry and palaeoenvironmental significance of iron pisoliths and ferromanganese crusts from the Jurassic of Mallorca, Spain. Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae, 81(2), 387-414

D M Prescott
The geochemistry of ferromanganese crusts and iron pisoliths from the Jurassic of Mallorca is investigated. The deposits are associated with Toarcian condensed sequences and hardgrounds which overlie Lower Lias platform limestones. Goethite is the principal mineral in the crusts and the pisoliths. which are both rich in iron; ramsdellite is the manganese phase in the ferromanganese crusts which contain 3-5% Mn. Inter-element relationships established by electron microprobe analysis show that P, V and perhaps Cr...
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