Large-scale ocean connectivity and planktonic body size, supplement to: Villarino, Ernesto; Watson, James R; Jönsson, Bror; Gasol, Josep M; Salazar, Guillem; Acinas, Silvia G; Estrada, Marta; Massana, Ramón; Logares, Ramiro; Giner, Caterina R; Pernice, Massimo C; Olivar, M Pilar; Citores, Leire; Corell, Jon; Rodríguez-Ezpeleta, Naiara; Acuña, José Luis; Molina-Ramírez, Axayacatl; González-Gordillo, Juan Ignacio; Cózar, Andrés; Martí, Elisa; Cuesta, José A; Agustí, Susana; Fraile-Nuez, Eugenio; Duarte, Carlos M; Irigoien, Xabier; Chust, Guillem (in press): Large-scale ocean connectivity and planktonic body size. Nature Communications

Ernesto Villarino, James R Watson, Bror Jönsson, Josep M Gasol, Guillem Salazar, Silvia G Acinas, Marta Estrada, Ramón Massana, Ramiro Logares, Caterina R Giner, Massimo C Pernice, M Pilar Olivar, Leire Citores, Jon Corell, Naiara Rodríguez-Ezpeleta, José Luis Acuña, Axayacatl Molina-Ramírez, Juan Ignacio González-Gordillo, Andrés Cózar, Elisa Martí, José A Cuesta, Susana Agustí, Eugenio Fraile-Nuez, Carlos M Duarte, Xabier Irigoien … & Guillem Chust
Global patterns of planktonic diversity are mainly determined by the dispersal of propagules with ocean currents. However, the role that abundance and body size plays in determining spatial patterns of diversity remains unclear. Here, we analyze spatial community structure - beta-diversity - for several planktonic and nektonic organisms spanning from prokaryotes to small mesopelagic fishes collected during the Malaspina 2010 Expedition. beta-diversity were compared to surface ocean transit times derived from a global circulation model,...
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