Biological and physical influences on marine snowfall at the equator - data collection, supplement to: Kiko, Rainer; Biastoch, Arne; Brandt, Peter; Cravatte, Sophie; Hauss, Helena; Hummels, Rebecca; Kriest, Iris; Marin, Frédéric; McDonnell, Andrew; Oschlies, Andreas; Picheral, Marc; Schwarzkopf, Franziska; Thurnherr, Andreas M; Stemmann, Lars (2017): Biological and physical influences on marine snowfall at the equator. Nature Geoscience

Rainer Kiko, Peter Brandt, Sophie Cravatte, Helena Hauss, Rebecca Hummels, Gerd Krahmann, Frédéric Marin, Andrew McDonnell, Marc Picheral, Pieter Vandromme, Andreas M Thurnherr & Lars Stemmann
High primary productivity in the equatorial Atlantic and Pacific oceans is one of the key features of tropical ocean biogeochemistry and fuels a substantial flux of particulate matter towards the abyssal ocean. How biological processes and equatorial current dynamics shape the particle size distribution and flux, however, is poorly understood. Here we use high-resolution size-resolved particle imaging and Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler data to assess these influences in equatorial oceans. We find an increase in...
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