FTIR raw data of organic molecules in basalt samples from IODP Hole 336-U1383C and 330-U1376A, supplement to: Türke, Andreas; Menez, Benedicte; Bach, Wolfgang (2018): Comparing biosignatures in aged basalt glass from North Pond, Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Louisville Seamount Trail, off New Zealand. PLoS ONE, 13(2)

Andreas Türke, Benedicte Menez & Wolfgang Bach
Microbial life can leave various traces (or biosignatures) in rocks, including biotic alteration textures, biominerals, enrichments of certain elements, organic molecules, or remnants of DNA. In basalt glass from the ocean floor, microbial alteration textures as well as chemical and isotopic biosignatures have been used to trace microbial activity. However, little is known about the relationship between the physical and chemical nature of the habitat and the prevalent types of biosignatures. Here, we report and...
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