Abundance of Bitectatodinium spongium in surface sediments, supplement to: Zonneveld, Karin A F; Jurkschat, Thomas (1999): Bitectatodinium spongium (Zonneveld, 1997) Zonneveld et Jurkschat, comb. nov. from modern sediments and sediment trap samples of the Arabian Sea (northwestern Indian Ocean): taxonomy and ecological affinity. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 106(3-4), 153-169

Karin A F Zonneveld & Thomas Jurkschat
We present an emended diagnosis of Bitectatodinium spongium (Zonneveld, 1997) Zonneveld et Jurkschat, comb. nov. previously described as ?Algidasphaeridium spongium. New data from surface samples of the Pakistan shelf are combined with information from sediment traps off Somalia and Arabian Sea surface sediments to elucidate the taxonomy, ecological affinity and preservation of B. spongium. A pronounced relationship is detected between high concentrations of B. spongium and well-mixed, nutrient-rich surface waters, as observed in upwelling regions...
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