Elemental data (Si, Ca, Fe, Ba) and stable oxygen and carbon isotope data of the Maastrichtian interval of IODP Site 342-U1403, Newfoundland Margin, supplement to: Batenburg, Sietske J; Friedrich, Oliver; Moriya, Kazuyoshi; Voigt, Silke; Cournède, Cécile; Moebius, Iris; Blum, Peter; Bornemann, André; Fiebig, Jens; Hasegawa, Takashi; Hull, Pincelli M; Norris, Richard D; Röhl, Ursula; Sexton, Philip F; Westerhold, Thomas; Wilson, Paul A; IODP Expedition 342 Scientists (in press): Late Maastrichtian carbon isotope stratigraphy and cyclostratigraphy of the Newfoundland Margin (Site U1403, IODP Leg 342). Newsletters on Stratigraphy

Sietske J Batenburg, Oliver Friedrich, Kazuyoshi Moriya, Silke Voigt, Cécile Cournède, Iris Moebius, Peter Blum, André Bornemann, Jens Fiebig, Takashi Hasegawa, Pincelli M Hull, Richard D Norris, Ursula Röhl, Philip F Sexton, Thomas Westerhold, Paul A Wilson & IODP Expedition 342 Scientists
Earth's climate during the Maastrichtian (latest Cretaceous) was punctuated by brief warming and cooling episodes, accompanied by perturbations of the global carbon cycle. Superimposed on a long-term cooling trend, the middle Maastrichtian is characterized by deep-sea warming and relatively high values of stable carbon-isotope ratios, followed by strong climatic variability towards the end of the Cretaceous. A lack of knowledge on the timing of climatic change inhibits our understanding of underlying causal mechanisms. We present...
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