Evidence for enhanced North Pacific Intermediate Water in the Bering Sea during extreme glacials over the past 1.2 Ma from records of stable isotopes analyzed at IODP Site 323-U1342 Holes A, C, and D, supplement to: Knudson, Karla P; Ravelo, Ana Christina (2015): North Pacific Intermediate Water circulation enhanced by the closure of the Bering Strait. Paleoceanography, 30(10), 1287-1304

Karla P Knudson & Ana Christina Ravelo
The Bering Strait provides a shallow connection that allows freshwater to flow from the North Pacific into the North Atlantic, but this passage was closed during past glacials when sea level was at least 50 m lower than at present. Climate models investigating Bering Strait closure predict that this mechanism increases the salinity in the North Atlantic and reduces the salinity in the North Pacific, inducing a Pacific-Atlantic seesaw in meridional overturning circulation and poleward...
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