Analysis of Mn-nodules from the Pacific, supplement to: Glasby, Geoffrey P (1973): Manganese deposits in the Southwest Pacific. in: Phase I Report - Inter-University Program of Research on Ferromanganese Deposits of the Ocean Floor. Seabed Assessment Program, IDOE, NSF, Washington D.C., USA,, 137-169

Geoffrey P Glasby
This report offers a description and further geochemical analysis of ocean manganese manganese deposits material available at the time in the New Zealand Oceanographic Institute collection. In particular, during cruise 36 of the USNS ELTANIN, large quantities of manganese nodules were collected at two stations in the South Tasman Basin, west of the Macquarie Ridge and north of the Indian-Antarctic Ridge, and sub-samples donated to the NZOI. The study covers also two large manganese nodules...
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