Basal age, surface accumulation, basal melting, geothermal flux and Lliboutry exponent of the velocity profile in the Dome C area, supplement to: Parrenin, Frédéric; Cavitte, Marie G P; Blankenship, Donald D; Chappellaz, Jérôme A; Fischer, Hubertus; Gagliardini, Olivier; Masson-Delmotte, Valerie; Passalacqua, Olivier; Ritz, Catherine; Roberts, Jason L; Siegert, Martin J; Young, Duncan A (2017): Is there 1.5-million-year-old ice near Dome C, Antarctica? The Cryosphere, 11(6), 2427-2437

Frédéric Parrenin, Marie G P Cavitte, Donald D Blankenship, Jérôme A Chappellaz, Hubertus Fischer, Olivier Gagliardini, Valerie Masson-Delmotte, Olivier Passalacqua, Catherine Ritz, Jason L Roberts, Martin J Siegert & Duncan A Young
Ice sheets provide exceptional archives of past changes in polar climate, regional environment and global atmospheric composition. The oldest dated deep ice core drilled in Antarctica has been retrieved at EPICA Dome C (EDC), reaching ~800,000 years. Obtaining an older paleoclimatic record from Antarctica is one of the greatest challenges of the ice core community. Here, we use internal isochrones, identified from airborne radar coupled to ice-flow modelling to estimate the age of basal ice...
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