AUV MARUM-SEAL Dive 71-73: High resolution bathymetry and backscatter of Venere Mud Vulcano, supplement to: Loher, Markus; Ceramicola, Silvia; Wintersteller, Paul; Meinecke, Gerrit; Sahling, Heiko; Bohrmann, Gerhard (2018): Mud volcanism in a canyon: Morphodynamic evolution of the active Venere mud volcano and its interplay with Squillace Canyon, Central Mediterranean. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 19(2), 356-378

Markus Loher, Silvia Ceramicola, Paul Wintersteller, Gerrit Meinecke, Heiko Sahling & Gerhard Bohrmann
Submarine mud volcanoes develop through the extrusion of methane-rich fluids and sediments onto the seafloor. The morphology of a mud volcano can record its extrusive history and processes of erosion and deformation affecting it. The study of offshore mud-volcano dynamics is limited because only few have been mapped at resolutions that reveal their detailed surface structures. More importantly, rates and volumes of extruded sediment and methane are poorly constrained. The 100 m high twin cones...
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