Near-future carbon dioxide levels impair the olfactory system of a marine fish, supplement to: Porteus, Cosima S; Hubbard, Peter C; Uren Webster, Tamsyn M; van Aerle, Ronny; Canário, Adelino V M; Santos, Eduarda; Wilson, Rod W (2018): Near-future CO2 levels impair the olfactory system of a marine fish. Nature Climate Change, 8(8), 737-743

Cosima S Porteus, Peter C Hubbard, Tamsyn M Uren Webster, Ronny van Aerle, Adelino V M Canário, Eduarda Santos & R W Wilson
Survival of marine fishes exposed to elevated near-future CO2 levels is threatened by their altered responses to sensory cues. Here we demonstrate a novel physiological and molecular mechanism based in the olfactory system which helps explain altered behavior under elevated CO2. We combine electrophysiology and high throughput sequencing with behavioral experiments to investigate how elevated CO2 affects the olfactory system of European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), an economically important species. Under elevated CO2 (~1000 µatm)...
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