Biomarker distribution of sediment core PS93/006-1, supplement to: Kremer, Anne; Stein, Ruediger; Fahl, Kirsten; Bauch, Henning A; Mackensen, Andreas; Niessen, Frank (2018): A 190-ka biomarker record revealing interactions between sea ice, Atlantic Water inflow and ice sheet activity in eastern Fram Strait. arktos - The Journal of Arctic Geosciences, 4(1)

Ruediger Stein, Anne Kremer & Kirsten Fahl
The northeastern Fram Strait at the entrance to the Arctic Ocean represents a key observatory for sea ice reconstructions as it sensitively reacts to environmental changes. A combined biomarker approach (HBIs, sterols, alkenones) was carried out on Core PS93/006-1 from the western Svalbard margin to reconstruct sea ice conditions related to glacial-interglacial cycles of the last 190 ka. The continuous presence of sea ice demonstrates the strong influence of the East Greenland Current in the...
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