Carbon and nitrogen turnover during an in situ experiment with addition of Thalassiosira sp. and E. huxleyi phytodetritus at AWI-HAUSGARTEN S2 in 2013, supplement to: Braeckman, Ulrike; Janssen, Felix; Lavik, Gaute; Elvert, Marcus; Marchant, Hannah K; Buckner, Caroline; Bienhold, Christina; Wenzhöfer, Frank (2018): Carbon and nitrogen turnover in the Arctic deep sea: in situ benthic community response to diatom and coccolithophorid phytodetritus. Biogeosciences, 15(21), 6537-6557

Ulrike Braeckman, Felix Janssen, Gaute Lavik, Marcus Elvert, Hannah K Marchant, Caroline Buckner, Christina Bienhold & Frank Wenzhöfer
This is a dataset from an in situ experiment at station S2 from the LTER monitoring site HAUSGARTEN, performed in June-July 2013 during Maria S Merian expedition MSM29. The in situ responses of Arctic deep-sea benthos to input of phytodetritus of a diatom (Thalassiosira sp.) as opposed to a coccolithophorid (Emiliania huxleyi) were investigated in incubation chambers of benthic landers. Using 13C and 15N labelled phytodetritus harvested from cultures of these species, we traced the...
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