G. ruber delta 18O values at IODP Hole 339-U1389E and ODP Hole 161-978A, supplement to: García-Gallardo, Ángela; Grunert, Patrick; Piller, Werner E (2018): Variations in Mediterranean–Atlantic exchange across the late Pliocene climate transition. Climate of the Past, 14(3), 339-350

Ángela García-Gallardo
Mediterranean-Atlantic exchange through the Strait of Gibraltar plays a significant role in the global ocean-climate dynamics in two ways. On one side, the injection of the saline and warm Mediterranean Outflow Water (MOW) contributes to North Atlantic deep-water formation. In return, the Atlantic inflow is considered a sink of less saline water for the North Atlantic Ocean. However, while the history of MOW is the focus of numerous studies, the Pliocene Atlantic inflow has received...
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