Biomarker content and total organic carbon of sediment cores from the Kara Sea shelf, supplement to: Hörner, Tanja; Stein, Ruediger; Fahl, Kirsten (2018): Paleo-sea ice distribution and polynya variability on the Kara sea shelf during the last 12 ka. arktos - The Journal of Arctic Geosciences

Tanja Hörner, Ruediger Stein & Kirsten Fahl
The Kara Sea is an important area for paleo-climatic research since sea ice and brine formation take place on its shelf-two processes inducing supra-regional climatic implications and thereby connecting regional environmental variability with global climatic conditions. To gain information about past sea ice coverage and variations, three sediment cores distributed in the southern and central parts of the marginal Sea were investigated. By applying the sea ice biomarker IP25 and the PIP25 index [phytoplankton biomarker...
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