Miocene Biomarker Temperature and CO2 Estimates from DSDP Site 94-608, supplement to: Super, James R; Thomas, Ellen; Pagani, Mark; Huber, Matthew; O'Brien, Charlotte; Hull, Pincelli M (2018): North Atlantic temperature and pCO2 coupling in the early-middle Miocene. Geology, 46(6), 519-522

James R Super, Ellen Thomas, Mark Pagani, Matthew Huber, Charlotte L O'Brien & Pincelli M Hull
Climate proxies indicate coupling between changes in atmospheric pCO2, global temperatures and ice volume over much of the Cenozoic. Evidence has been presented for decoupling of these factors in the Miocene, though the cause of the apparent decoupling was uncertain. Here, we revisit Deep Sea Drilling Program (DSDP) Site 608 (24-9 Ma) in the North Atlantic, to provide improved constraints on sea surface temperatures (SSTs) using the TEX86 and Uk'37 proxies, and use these to...
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