231Pa/230Th measurements and related isotope series and SiO2 of five sediment cores from the Southwest Pacific

Thomas A Ronge, Jörg Lippold, Walter Geibert, Samuel L Jaccard, Sebastian Mieruch-Schnülle, Finn Süfke & Ralf Tiedemann
Downcore measurements of SiO2 and 231Pa/230Th on sediment cores from the New Zaland Margin and the East Pacific Rise. The sediment cores were collected during expedtions PS75 (2010) and SO213 (2011).Our downcore records cover the last ~35 ka. SiO2 measurements were conducted to analyze a potential impact on opal on our 231Pa/230Th ratios, that in turn were used to reconstruct past changes in South Pacific Overtruning Circulation.Opal measurements followed the method of Müller and Schneider...
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