Carbonate I/Ca records through Phanerozoic, supplement to: Lu, Wanyi; Ridgwell, Andy; Thomas, Ellen; Hardisty, Dalton; Luo, Genming; Algeo, Thomas; Saltzman, Matthew R; Gill, Benjamin C; Shen, Yanan; Ling, Hong-Fei; Edwards, Cole T; Whalen, Michael T; Zhou, Xiaoli; Gutchess, Kristina M; Jin, Li; Rickaby, Rosalind E M; Jenkyns, Hugh C; Lyons, Timothy W; Lenton, Timothy M; Kump, Lee R; Lu, Zunli (2018): Late inception of a resiliently oxygenated upper ocean. Science, eaar5372

Wanyi Lu, Andy Ridgwell, Ellen Thomas, Dalton Hardisty, Genming Luo, Thomas Algeo, Matthew R Saltzman, Benjamin C Gill, Yanan Shen, Hong-Fei Ling, Cole T Edwards, Michael T Whalen, Xiaoli Zhou, Kristina M Gutchess, Li Jin, Rosalind E M Rickaby, Hugh C Jenkyns, Timothy W Lyons, Timothy M Lenton, Lee R Kump & Zunli Lu
Rising oceanic and atmospheric oxygen levels through time have been crucial to enhanced habitability of surface Earth environments. Few redox proxies can track secular variations in dissolved oxygen concentrations ([O~2~]) around threshold levels for metazoan survival in the upper ocean. We present an extensive compilation of iodine to calcium ratios (I/Ca) in marine carbonates. Our record supports a major rise in atmospheric _p_O~2~ at ~400 million years ago (Ma), and reveals a step-change in the...
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