Seawater carbonate chemistry and gene abundance and community composition in two contrasting coastal marine sediments, supplement to: Currie, Ashleigh R; Tait, Karen; Parry, Helen E; de Francisco-Mora, Beatriz; Hicks, Natalie; Osborn, A M; Widdicombe, Steve; Stahl, Henrik (2017): Marine Microbial Gene Abundance and Community Composition in Response to Ocean Acidification and Elevated Temperature in Two Contrasting Coastal Marine Sediments. Frontiers in Microbiology, 8

Ashleigh R Currie, Karen Tait, Helen E Parry, Beatriz de Francisco-Mora, Natalie Hicks, A M Osborn, Steve Widdicombe & Henrik Stahl
Marine ecosystems are exposed to a range of human-induced climate stressors, in particular changing carbonate chemistry and elevated sea surface temperatures as a consequence of climate change. More research effort is needed to reduce uncertainties about the effects of global-scale warming and acidification for benthic microbial communities, which drive sedimentary biogeochemical cycles. In this research, mesocosm experiments were set up using muddy and sandy coastal sediments to investigate the independent and interactive effects of elevated...
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