Surface pollen assemblages from Rebun Island, common fossil pollen taxa recorded in the RK12 sediment core (Lake Kushu) and dimensional measurements of charred barley grains from the Hamanaka 2 archaeological site (Rebun Island)

Christian Leipe, Stefanie Müller, Konrad Hille, Hirofumi Kato, Franziska Kobe, Mareike Schmidt, Konrad Seyffert, Robert Spengler III, Mayke Wagner, Andrzej W Weber & Pavel E Tarasov
This study presents a high-resolution, chronologically well-constrained pollen record from Lake Kushu (45°25′58″N, 141°02′05″E) and a record of archaeobotanical remains from the nearby Hamanaka 2 archaeological site. The pollen record suggests continuous long-term cooling, which parallels the decline in Northern Hemisphere summer insolation. This cooling trend is overlaid by several rather quick transitions towards cooler conditions (ca. 5540/5350, 1550, and 390 cal BP) and one distinct decadal-scale cold event around 4130 cal BP. These shifts,...
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