Survival data of three gammarid species in three different temperature treatments and two salinities, supplement to: Casties, Isabel; Clemmesen, Catriona; Briski, Elizabeta (2019): Environmental tolerance of three gammarid species with and without invasion record under current and future global warming scenarios. Diversity and Distributions, 25(4), 603-612

Isabel Casties, Catriona Clemmesen & Elizabeta Briski
To determine environmental tolerance of native species and related NIS under current and future global warming scenarios of the Baltic Sea, we conducted common garden experiments to test temperature tolerance of three euryhaline gammarid species: one Baltic (Gammarus oceanicus), one Ponto‐Caspian (Pontogammarus maeoticus) and one North American species (Gammarus tigrinus) in two different salinities.
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