Diatom-bound nitrogen isotope and opal flux records over the Holocene period in Southern Ocean sediment cores MD12-3396, MD11-3353 and PS75/072-4

Anja S Studer, Daniel M Sigman, Alfredo Martínez‐García, Lena Thöle, Elisabeth Michel, Samuel L Jaccard, Jörg Lippold, Alain Mazaud, Xingchen Wang, Laura F Robinson, Jess F Adkins & Gerald H Haug
A rise in the atmospheric CO2 concentration of ~20 parts per million over the course of the Holocene has long been recognized as exceptional among interglacials and is in need of explanation. Previous hypotheses involved natural or anthropogenic changes in terrestrial biomass, carbonate compensation in response to deglacial outgassing of oceanic CO2, and enhanced shallow water carbonate deposition. Here, we compile new and previously published fossil-bound nitrogen isotope records from the Southern Ocean that indicate...
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