Transport, properties and life-cycles of mesoscale eddies in the eastern tropical South Pacific, supplement to: Czeschel, Rena; Schütte, Florian; Weller, Robert A; Stramma, Lothar (2018): Transport, properties, and life cycles of mesoscale eddies in the eastern tropical South Pacific. Ocean Science, 14(4), 731-750

Rena Czeschel, Florian Schütte, Robert A Weller & Lothar Stramma
The influence of mesoscale eddies on the flow field and the water masses, especially the oxygen distribution of the eastern tropical South Pacific is investigated from a mooring, float and satellite data set. Two anticyclonic (ACE1/2), one mode water (MWE) and one cyclonic eddy (CE) are identified and followed in detail with satellite data on their westward transition with velocities of 3.2 to 6.0 cm/s from their generation region, the shelf of the Peruvian and...
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