Seawater carbonate chemistry and community structure of marine biofouling communities, supplement to: Brown, Norah E M; Milazzo, Marco; Rastrick, S P S; Hall-Spencer, Jason M; Therriault, Thomas W; Harley, Christopher D G (2018): Natural acidification changes the timing and rate of succession, alters community structure, and increases homogeneity in marine biofouling communities. Global Change Biology, 24(1), e112-e127

Norah E M Brown, Marco Milazzo, S P S Rastrick, Jason M Hall-Spencer, Thomas W Therriault & Christopher D G Harley
Ocean acidification may have far-reaching consequences for marine community and ecosystem dynamics, but its full impacts remain poorly understood due to the difficulty of manipulating pCO2 at the ecosystem level to mimic realistic fluctuations that occur on a number of different timescales. It is especially unclear how quickly communities at various stages of development respond to intermediate-scale pCO2 change and, if high pCO2 is relieved mid-succession, whether past acidification effects persist, are reversed by alleviation...
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