Multibeam data from the North Chilean marine forearc and adjacent oceanic Nazca Plate, supplement to: Geersen, Jacob; Ranero, César; Klaucke, Ingo; Behrmann, Jan Hinrich; Kopp, Heidrun; Tréhu, Anne M; Contreras-Reyes, Eduardo; Barckhausen, Udo; Reichert, Christian (2018): Active Tectonics of the North Chilean Marine Forearc and Adjacent Oceanic Nazca Plate. Tectonics, 37(11), 4194-4211

Jacob Geersen, Ingo Klaucke, Jan Hinrich Behrmann, Heidrun Kopp, Anne M Tréhu & Christian Reichert
Multibeam bathymetric data were acquired during R/V SONNE Cruises SO104, SO244, and R/V Marcus G. Langseth Cruise MGL1610. The datasets were individually processed and gridded with grid cell sizes of 75 m. For the combined grid, depth information from SO244 was used wherever possible. If no SO244 data were available, MGL1610 data were preferred over SO104 data.The backscatter data were collected during R/V SONNE Cruise SO244. For processing of the backscatter information, all data recorded...
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