09. Annual glacier elevation change rate raster dataset, South American Andes, Patagonia South 2000 and 2011-2015

Matthias Holger Braun, Philipp Malz, Christian Sommer, David Farías-Barahona, Tobias Sauter, Gino Casassa, Alvaro Soruco, Pedro Skvarca & Thorsten Seehaus
The dataset is a mosaic of several dh/dt GeoTiff datasets for the region '09 Patagonia South' according the nomenclature of regions taken from Nature Climate Change Paper 'Glacier elevation and mass changes over entire South America between 2000 and 2011–15'. The product is derived from differencing of TanDEM-X and SRTM Digital Elevation Models. All TanDEM-X products were processed by the authors (cf. referenced paper for methods description).
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