Primary productivity and mass fluxes for four stations in teh equatorial Pacific (Table 1), supplement to: Betzer, Peter R; Showers, William J; Laws, Edward A; Winn, Christopher D; DiTullio, Giacomo R; Kroopnick, Peter M (1984): Primary productivity and particle fluxes on a transect of the equator at 153°W in the Pacific Ocean. Deep-Sea Research Part A. Oceanographic Research Papers, 31(1), 1-11

Peter R Betzer, William J Showers, Edward A Laws, Christopher D Winn, Giacomo R DiTullio & Peter M Kroopnick
Primary productivity (14C) and mass flux measurements using a free-drifting sediment trap deployed at 900 m were made at four stations in the Pacific Ocean between 12°N and 6°S at 153°W. The latitudinal variations in productivity were consistent with historical patterns showing the equator as a zone of high production and the oligotrophic waters north of the equatorial region as an area of low productivity. The correlation coefficient between the two sets of independent measurements...
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