Ice thickness from radio-echo sounding (RES) and radar attenuation from numerical modelling for Recovery Glacier, Antarctica, supplement to: Humbert, Angelika; Steinhage, Daniel; Helm, Veit; Beyer, Sebastian; Kleiner, Thomas (2018): Missing Evidence of Widespread Subglacial Lakes at Recovery Glacier, Antarctica. Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface, 123(11), 2802-2826

Angelika Humbert, Daniel Steinhage, Veit Helm, Sebastian Beyer & Thomas Kleiner
Recovery Glacier reaches far into the East Antarctic Ice Sheet. Recent projections point out that its dynamic behaviour has a considerable impact on future Antarctic ice loss (Golledge et al. 2017). Subglacial lakes are thought to play a major role in the initiation of the rapid ice flow (Bell et al. 2007). Satellite altimetry observations have even suggested several actively filling and draining subglacial lakes beneath the main trunk (Smith et al. 2009). We present...
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