Meteorological observations and condensation nuclei measurements at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Research Station during three austral summers, supplement to: Herenz, Paul; Wex, Heike; Mangold, Alexander; Laffineur, Quentin; Gorodetskaya, Irina V; Fleming, Zoë L; Panagi, Marios; Stratmann, Frank (2019): CCN measurements at the Princess Elisabeth Antarctica research station during three austral summers. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19(1), 275-294

Paul Herenz, Heike Wex, Alexander Mangold, Quentin Laffineur, Irina V Gorodetskaya, Zoë L Fleming, Marios Panagi & Frank Stratmann
For three austral summer seasons (2013-2016, each from December to February) aerosol particles arriving at the Belgian Antarctic research station Princess Elisabeth (PE), in Dronning Maud Land in East Antarctica were characterized. This included number concentrations of total aerosol particles (N[CN]) and cloud condensation nuclei (N[CCN]), the particle number size distribution (PNSD), the aerosol particle hygroscopicity and the influence of the air mass origin on N[CN] and N[CCN]. In general N[CN] was found to range...
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