Ice-rafted debris weight percents and grains for IODP Site 303-U1307

Keziah Blake-Mizen, Robert Hatfield, Joseph S Stoner, Anders Eskil Carlson, Chuang Xuan, Maureen H Walczak, Kira T Lawrence, James E T Channell & Ian Bailey
Ice-rafted debris (IRD) data measured for discrete samples between ~117 and 158 revised metres composite depth (rMCD) at IODP Site U1307, Eirik Drift, offshore southern Greenland. Measurements consist of IRD weight percent (wt.%) in the ≥63 and ≥212 μm grain size fractions, and IRD grains per gram in the ≥125 and ≥150 μm grain size fractions. This data is provided against sample IDs, metres below seafloor (MBSF) depths, rMCD depths and age in thousands of...
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