Remotely sensed surface velocities, Lagrangian basal melt rates, terminus positions, grounding lines as well as modelling results of Peterman Glacier (northern Greenland), supplement to: Rückamp, Martin; Neckel, Niklas; Berger, Sophie; Humbert, Angelika; Helm, Veit (2019): Calving Induced Speedup of Petermann Glacier. Journal of Geophysical Research-Earth Surface

Martin Rückamp, Niklas Neckel, Sophie Berger, Angelika Humbert & Veit Helm
This study assesses the response on ice dynamics of Petermann Glacier, a major outlet glacier in northern Greenland, to the 2012 and a possible future calving event. So far Petermann Glacier has been believed to be dynamically stable as another large calving event in 2010 had no significant impact on flow velocity or grounding line retreat. By analyzing a time series of remotely sensed surface velocities, we find an average acceleration of 10% between winter...
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